My Sister the Bully

My Sister the Bully


                Being bullied is not fun nor should anyone have to go through it.  It is even worse when it is a family member that is doing it.  You have to wonder what is the matter with the person, and if there is a way that you can help them.  Unfortunately, there is no way you can help a bully, they have to want to change, and most of the time they don’t want to.  They enjoy causing pain, as they get some kind of thrill from it.   It makes you wonder if they don’t have some kind of chemical imbalance in their brain or if they truly have a mental illness.  The best thing that you can do is ignore the bully, if they kept acting up and getting violent, then you have no choice but to bring in the law.   No one should have to be bullied to that point, but there are times when it becomes necessary.  My heart truly breaks for those who are being bullied as I know what it feels like, and remember you are not alone.  

Chapter One

                Throughout my whole life I have been bullied by a family member.  Someone who should have been a role model, who I could share things with, but instead she chose to become cruel towards her own sister.  It is really sad, as we could have grown up to be great friends, and share in each other’s lives.  Instead she has chosen a path of destruction and cruelty.   Something that I cannot even begin to understand on why someone would choose to be that way towards family.  I am not the only one she has bullied in the family, she has been vicious towards my grandparents and my mother.  She shows no remorse for her actions nor does she care that she has hurt others.  She thrives on knowing that she has caused harm and pain towards others.
                My grandmother told me that even before I was born, that my sister hated me.  They had no idea why she could have so much hatred towards someone who wasn’t even born yet.  I was told that the day I was born, my sister threw such a temper tantrum, that it worried my grandparents.  My mother was warned about not leaving me alone with my sister, as they were afraid that she would harm me.  It surprised everyone, as my sister seemed to be a loving child and seemed for a time to be very happy.  I guess me being born changed all of that, and she began to change into a person that was so full of hatred, that she couldn’t even stand the site of me. 
                My grandparents and mother did the best they could to protect me from my sister.  They would get after her for being mean, and encouraged her to be kind.  They wanted her to like me and be friends with me, because they knew that in the end we would only have each other when they were gone.  As much as they tried, it didn’t make one bit of a difference as she just didn’t care.  It didn’t bother her that she got into trouble for being mean to me, in fact she seemed to thrive off of getting into trouble and became even more cruel towards me. 

Chapter 2: The Early Years

       I really can't remember much about my early years, as I was just too little.  Though looking back at the pictures, you would think that my sister was the loving doting older sister.  But sadly that was not the case.  I can remember a few bits and pieces, and let me tell you, she was not the doting older sister that the pictures portrayed her as.  She would yell, scream, pinch, smack and do whatever else she could do to get away with things.
       I would cling to my mom and grandma, not wanting to be left behind.  If they weren't around, then I would follow my grandfather around.  It made me look like a little baby, that I needed to be around adults all of the time.  My grandmother later told me she knew why I would stay by them, and she said that she tried her best to get my sister to just leave me alone, but she just got sneakier and sneakier.  Unfortunately, my mom had a harder time with things, as she desperately wanted her two daughters to grow up as sister ad have a good relationship like she did with her youngest sister.  Sadly that would never be the case. 
       My sister would always try to get me into trouble by lying about me.  I can remember one time, I was about four.  We were in the store, and there were the bulk bins that were filled with candy.  My sister told me that it was okay to eat out of them, so I took some chocolate chips.  I went skipping to my mom and she wanted to know what I was eating, so I told her.  My mom go upset with me and before I could defend myself, my sister piped up and said she tried to get me to not to do it, but I wouldn't listen to her.  So I got into a lot of trouble for something my sister said was okay to do.  Those were the kinds of tricks that she would pull on me when I was little. 
       It is so sad to think that she loved doing that kind of stuff to a little four year old.  I didn't know any better and I just wanted her to like me. 


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